Marvel Heroic Character Sheet X1

This is another character sheet I created for the Marvel Heroic RPG. It’s graphically pleasing and very spacious. It was inspired by the original and official Marvel Heroic RPG character sheet. Since I was watching an X-Men movie while creating this, I tossed a giant vector X in the background and I think it looks pretty good. Basically, in short, a friendly nod to Marvel’s X-Men.

Unlike the other character sheets I’ve created, this one has 8 spots for Specialties, so it should have more than enough space for anyone’s character concept. I also added some additional space for character descriptions on the back of the character sheet as well (ie, Hair Color, Eye Color, Height, Weight, etc).

I may make a color version, or a darker version if people request it.

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Marvel-Heroic-Character-Sheet-X1 (Right click, save as)

Marvel-Heroic-Character-Sheet-X1-v2 (Right click, save as)


Marvel Heroic Character Sheet Version 3 and 3.1 (Form Fillable)

I decided to make a color version of this, had to make some modifications, but I think it looks pretty good. These could be used on the computer, printed out, or on the tablet.

Version 3 is the traditional setup that shows dice as D4, D6, D8, D10, and D12. Version 3.1 changes that up a bit and includes an embedded dice font that I whipped up. These are best viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader (Otherwise, you may encounter issues trying to replace the placeholder character graphic).


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Right click one of the files below, and save as.

marvel-heroic-version-3 marvel-heroic-version-3-1

Marvel Heroic Character Sheet (Form Fillable, with Picture)

I tweaked my original design of the Marvel Heroic character sheet and added an option to embed a picture into the PDF. The picture itself should be on a 1:1 size ratio (ie, 400×400 pixels, 5″x5″, etc). This is best viewed with Adobe Reader.

If you just want a square white space to draw your own picture, instead of embedding a picture of your own, just don’t add the picture and the space will remain white.

Please be respectful and do not upload this to any location online for purposes of distribution.

Download Marvel Heroic Character Sheet Version 2 (Right click, save as)

Marvel Heroic Character Sheet (Form Fillable)

Since I’m planning an upcoming roleplaying campaign set in the Marvel Universe with the Marvel Heroic system, I figured I’d make a new character sheet for my players before officially starting the campaign. I was surprised there are not many form fillable character sheets out there for this system, so I thought others would possibly like to use it for their Marvel Heroic games as well.

I was specifically trying to make something clean and minimalist, and I think it turned out pretty good.

Please be respectful and do not upload this to other locations on the internet for purposes of distribution.

Marvel Heroic Character Sheet Download (Right click, save as)