Marvel Heroic Character Sheet X1

This is another character sheet I created for the Marvel Heroic RPG. It’s graphically pleasing and very spacious. It was inspired by the original and official Marvel Heroic RPG character sheet. Since I was watching an X-Men movie while creating this, I tossed a giant vector X in the background and I think it looks pretty good. Basically, in short, a friendly nod to Marvel’s X-Men.

Unlike the other character sheets I’ve created, this one has 8 spots for Specialties, so it should have more than enough space for anyone’s character concept. I also added some additional space for character descriptions on the back of the character sheet as well (ie, Hair Color, Eye Color, Height, Weight, etc).

I may make a color version, or a darker version if people request it.

Please be respectful and do not upload this to any other location online.

Marvel-Heroic-Character-Sheet-X1 (Right click, save as)

Marvel-Heroic-Character-Sheet-X1-v2 (Right click, save as)